Sunday, December 26, 2010

From 6 to 8 - Days 15 & 16

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.

Today, to put things in my boyfriend's words, "they've been a little more trying". Well the most rambunctious was Joey - not that he went after any of the other birds, but he could hardly sit still and was getting into trouble.

When they first came out in the morning, I decided to bring Nemo out with the others and leave Itsy in the room. Nemo is easier to handle with the other birds compared to Itsy since Nemo will willingly stay on my shoulder most of the time giving kisses to me and ignoring the others whilst Itsy wants to go everywhere and Zuri is VERY interested in Itsy and I doubt the outcome of that meeting would be good - it's happened in the past where I had to separate them quickly.

In the afternoon, before letting my flock out, I decided to take both Itsy and Nemo out on their own for a bit. Nemo spent his time with my boyfriend and Itsy with me. Eventually, I felt the need to lie down a bit so I put Itsy on the atom since she seems to enjoy it there. About 15 minutes later Nemo flew to the atom to attack Itsy so in he went. Itsy went in when I got my guys out.

Then in the evening, I decided to once again have Nemo out with the others while Itsy had the birdroom to herself.

Nemo was on one of my shoulders and Piper on the other. It quickly became a competition between the two of them about which one could get most of my attention and they delivered kiss after kiss..a few times I had to move them a bit further away from each other as they were starting to show aggression towards each other and since neither will back one point Nemo got a bit too restless so he ended up in the spare cage in my bedroom.

The other thing that is going much as Shade had became extra "needy" when both Itsy and Nemo showed up and was claiming one of my shoulders, this last week she's been particularly distant with me. She'll step up with no trouble and still gives kisses when asked, but she will not stay on me. I continue to offer her a spot first, but she just flies away. Again, I've seen her do this to me before, but I could do without a sulky Senegal right now. She'll most likely be herself again once the visitors leave. Mind you, Pixel seems to relish in the fact that Shade is not spending so much time with me and gladly takes her spot..

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