Friday, December 3, 2010

More Poinciana Seed Pod Enjoyment

Earlier this week I decided to thaw one of the precious few Poinciana seed pods I have left in the freezer.

I had thawed one once before and it had gone over well with the birds, as well as when I introduced them fresh when I first received them. While the pods browned up a bit after being thawed, they remained "tender" for the first few hours before drying up, just like they did when "fresh". The birds also seem to enjoy the dried up version - they chew on it and do bang it around to make some noise.

In any case, the pod sections I offered this week were as appreciated as before, although this time they got all the seeds before anything had a chance to dry up.

Some pictures of course, Zuri, Shade and Joey were particularly fond of the pods.

Enjoying the pod and looking Angelique at the same time...

Dgging in!

Still holding on..

Shade and her crazy obsessed eyes!

Manages to extract a seed!

Messy beak!

Shade is not the only one with crazy eyes - here is Joey's rendition!

More crazy-obsessed eyes!

Joey gives the pods two talons up!

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