Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Secret Santa gifts!

I have participated at this year's Secret Santa gift exchange on Avian Avenue. Last year I did not and it seemed like much fun so I figured why not try it?

I received my package today. And I opened it - yeah Christmas is still far away, but if I wait for Christmas to give the birds the toys, where's the harm? In any case, most people who have received their packages have opened them as well (and some of these were in November).

Everything I got fit in a shoe box. No I didn't take a picture of the box as we all know what a shoe box looks like...

The contents, however, were fantastic - I am so happy and I'm sure I'll have some very happy birdies!

The gifts came from Oliver's Garden - the boing is a dead giveaway and I also checked the information provided by Canada Post online about my mail stub - it indicated the package originated in Chester, Nova Scotia, exactly where Oliver's Garden is located.

The toys are great, love the fact that I got a yellow boing and that block with multiple "leaves" is quite fantastic (so is everything else). I'll have a hard time deciding who gets what!


Laura's Bird World said...

Looks great! I am kinda like you last year ... kinda realizing what I'm missing out on. I'll have to participate next year.

Coco said...

I am sooooo JEALOUS!!!! Wow!!! Great stuff!!!

Natacha said...

Laura - there is indeed always next year!

Coco - I'm pretty stocked I got Susan as a Secret Santa - these gifts are rather hard to beat in "awesomeness" :)