Monday, December 6, 2010

An Avian Organic baked goodie - The Flatbread Fusion

Yesterday I finally made the Flatbread Fusion (pomegranate flavour) I ordered from Avian Organics a while ago.

Not sure why I waited so long.

As with most Avian Organics products, it was quite a success. Shade, Zuri and Joey ate their pieces right away. Pixel picked at it, but she's never really been the one to eat much when out of the cage and it was a much bigger success when I offered it as an in cage treat. Even Piper and Petey, who take longest to warm up to new food, looked at it and, in Piper's case, picked at it a bit.

This is what the flatbread looked like when I took it out of the stove and let it cool down a bit.

Some pictures of Shade, Zuri and Joey enjoying their portion of flatbread.

Zuri liked it so much, he went through the crumbs left by Shade and Joey after having eaten his AND Petey's share.

I will now leave you with one last picture, one of my favorites.

What?! I don't look at you when you are eating!

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