Sunday, December 5, 2010

Destruction of a toy...

A while ago, I had purchased a few toys from Things for Wings, including four Hokey Pokey. Last Sunday I finally decided to give them to the four Pois I have that enjoy those type of toys - Petey has never really cared about chewing wood nor has Piper.

Out on a whim, I decided to take pictures of what the toys looked like when I put them in the cage earlier in the morning. Knowing that they probably wouldn't last too long, I figured I'd take pictures of what the toys looked like when I took my birds out later in the afternoon.

Those poor toys....

Pixel - before


Shade - before


Zuri - before


Joey - before

After - you see that Joey wasn't as thorough on the first day. But he was the first one to totally destroy the toy, small pokey things included.

Verdict: the toy was really loved. I'll surely buy more down the road.


HungryBird said...

Wow your birds are amazing toy destroyers! They put mine to shame. Those are really nice toys too. I see you cover the grate with newspaper too. I find it very convenient.

Natacha said...

As I change the paper each day, I don't see there being a problem with the paper on the grate - and it allows me to be able to see what their poops really look like, keeps the grate "clean" and as I don't give fresh food early on (they get it later in the day), it won't spoil in there all day.