Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet Pixel

I think it's time for another Pixel update.

We just passed the 6 months mark of her being here.

I think I last reported that we needed to work on her "step-up". This is no longer really a problem, she now does it very well, even when just offered the finger without the verbal cue.

As well, her trust in me has really flourished. A few moments ago I had her lying in my hand on her back - she had kinda flopped there on her own. I was able to touch her all over, on the wings, the head, the stomach and the feet without her budging. She just let me do whatever I wanted. I would stop and she would continue to lie there, looking like she was ready to fall asleep.

I was able to kiss her belly without her trying to grab my face with her feet - something she used to do.

I'm not at that level yet with Joey (when I first got him I was kinda like his chew toy at time and although he's much MUCH better than he used to be and seems to want to get much closer to me, I'm still careful because I still occasionally end up on the end of a bite of his), let alone Zuri (he likes to do his thing and just with the head scratches, he can very suddenly decide he doesn't want it anymore, bite and fly away)...and wouldn't dare try it with Petey.

Pixel has definitively made lots of progress!

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