Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Post #200 for 2010!

2010 was definitively a prolific year for me posting on this blog. 2008 doesn't really count since I only started in November, but compared to the puny 59 posts in 2009, I did quite well this year!

Really, I started this blog and maintain it mostly to record anything special the birds are doing / any different behaviours, so I can come back and compare if I ever see those things happen again. It's also nice to record what I bought, favorite food/toys of theirs...

This year I've also gained quite a few extra followers. While I didn't intend to really write this for anyone else than myself, it's always a nice feeling to see that other people might find what I'm writing interesting. So thanks for anyone who decided to follow, whether it would be openly or not.

The year is not over, not sure how many more posts there will be until 2011 shows up and hopefully this will give me a challenge for next year - possibly try to blog more "daily" - there were definitively some months where I didn't post as much as I could!


Laura's Bird World said...

Congrats Natacha! I know I have thoroughly enjoyed following your blog and you kind of inspired me to start my own as well.

Saemmabel said...

Yay!! I think you have a great blog Natacha. I look forward to more updates in the future Ms. Poi Lady!!!