Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is this an indication of anything?

Joey just did something interesting.

I gave him a string of five beads. I like things that match so I normally string beads in some type of repeating fashion.

On this occasion, the string of beads was made of greed coloured beads, but there were light and darker beads. It went as follow:

light bead - dark bead - light bead - dark bead - light bead

Joey meticulously destroyed all the light beads in order, from one end to the other.
Only when they were all destroyed did he go for the darker green beads.

Why not go one by one? I did, in the past, give him a string of beads that were entirely different colours and he just destroyed them one by one, from one end to the other.

So why would he now go for one kind then the other?

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