Monday, December 20, 2010

From 6 to 8 - Days 8, 9 & 10

I have to say, I'm finding it hard to do daily updates when things are going relatively well.

Won't complain though, I rather it be quiet because I have nothing to say than having birds continuously attack each other.

So I have found myself, even during the week now, of alternating between leaving one of my mom's birds in the room and one in the extra cage to having one out with us and one in the room, to having both out with us just before they go in for the night (my guys having been put "to bed" previously. It's not a perfectly set in stone routine but it is working.

I do believe it'll be even easier to give them more one on one next week, as I'll be off from work for 10 consecutive days and then they'll be going back to my parents' house.

I have also started weighing my mom's birds with mine.
I have found with my guys that some of them tend to loose a bit of weight when they are being watched over by other people. I wanted to see if this would happen with my mom's guys. Unfortunately, I didn't think of taking a measure on day 1 of them being here, but I'm pretty sure Nemo hasn't lost anything, and I'll be watching Itsy a bit more. Mind you, I had weighed her in the past and she's around what she weighed back then and from the few measures I have collected recently, her weight seems rather stable (fluctuates by a gram or two, but as it comes down, it comes back up after).

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