Sunday, April 8, 2012

Look at my pretty wings!

It seems there have been pictures of me flying posted lately, but I wanted to show off how pretty my wings have gotten with all the new colour!

It seems the coral feathers on my left wing show more - a nice long band of them is forming, specially lower on the wing!

However, on my right wing, I am getting quire a few feathers growing at the shoulder area but they aren't necessarily stuck together and therefore don't show too much now - they are hiding underneath some green feathers for now!

Finally, I also wanted to show how silver my whole head has gotten! 

I might be starting to look more and more like an adult, but the people here say I still very much act like a toddler - I guess there is no hurry to grow up too fast!



Nikki said...

OOOoooooh, very beautiful wings, indeed! Oliver says, "Hi cutie!"

Natacha said...

Léa says thank you Nikki and Oliver!