Wednesday, April 18, 2012

109:365 - Zuri and his collar

Today has been another emotional roller coaster and draining day.

While Zuri seems more comfortable with his collar and cage, there is still the issue of weight.

It's been dropping of course. Totally expected, but if my first few weeks (or months) with Léa, has taught me anything, dropping weight freaks me out.

And while regular Zuri was always really food motivated, injured Zuri doesn't seem to care as much for food. He generally does love his seeds and now doesn't really eat all that much of them. He loves TOPs and again, now mostly lets them be.

I made some softer mash for him and he didn't want anything to do with it.

It's making me feel powerless and worried.

The only things he's really eaten with gusto were carrots (I think the destruction aspect of it also entices him) and Avian Organic Truffles. But at this point if that is what he wants to eat, that is what I'll feed him regularly.

I actually managed to bring him back to the weight he was earlier this morning after he lost three grams during the day. And given that he has lost some weight from Monday to Tuesday, additional loss made me nervous.

However, he's still quite active - he moves quite a bit when we take him out, does everything in his power to prevent us from putting him back in his carrier and earlier this evening, I caught him hanging upside down in the carrier - which was impressive if you consider he has a bandaged foot and a collar but also a bit worrying when it came time for him to come back down. It looked really awkward but he made it.

Hopefully he'll put on an extra gram or two tomorrow.


Fernand said...

Don't worry too much for the weight lost. Less than 10% of his total weight is not too serious. Make sure he can feed himself properly (because of the collar) and everything should be fine! Did you try handfeeding formula? I mix it with fruit puree for babies. It work every time!!!

Natacha said...

The thing is that he's getting very close to the 10%, as with him it's around 12g that he can lose.

He's able to access his food bowl and take food out - I've seen him do it. I also wedge the carrot pieces between the bars of his cage at the height where his head is so that goes well too.

He's not a fan of formula and I tried giving him mushy food with a spoon yesterday and he wanted nothing to do with the spoon - and I'm not ready to feed him with a syringe, too afraid I'll do something wrong.