Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy welcome home!

I am back from four days away to the States. I went to St-Charles Illinois with Crystal (of Crystal's bird toys) for TASC on Saturday. We got to meet a few other bird people from the Avian Avenue forum. We visited Chicago on Sunday morning and now are back home.

The birds heard me go through the door and immediately started to make noise. Shade was decidedly the most happy to see me, giving me happy pinny eyes and mouthing like she does when excited. Piper was screeching for me to look at him and Léa was going crazy in her cage trying to grab my attention as well. That was one side of the room. Petey actually said "Hi Petey" to me, Pixel was looking at me with happy eyes and Joey was making all kinds of happy noises.

The break was fun but it's nice to be back home!

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