Saturday, April 14, 2012

Léa, you are 11 months old today!

The last celebrated "month-a-versary", after you turn one next month, only your hatchdays are going to be celebrated, just like it is with all your flock members here.

But I don't think now is the time to think back on your first year - that will be for next month's post.

Physically, you have definitively grown more into your adult plumage - your head is nicely silver all over and is starting to get a really nice coverage of coral as well as your wings. 

You have continued to show more interest in new foods, which of course makes me happy. Your weight has been fairly constant, another good sign. In fact, in the preparation for moving, I even felt comfortable enough to throw out what was left of the hand feeding formula the breeder gave me when I first brought you home!

Pears are wonderful!..

So sweet and mushy!

Definitively one of your favorites!

You have continued to shed your very clumsy baby ways, although from time to time it still shines through. You have become a wonderful flyer, you are able to maneuver very well within the apartment. I am sure you will love the extra space the new house will provide..although I am a bit concerned as to how I will keep up with you (and the others).

You are definitively more opinionated. You have, over this past month, tried to push many boundaries. You are systematically going on all things I would rather you leave started with the floor, then the couch, then the standing lamp in one corner of the living room and over these last two days, your new fixation has been the hanging lamp above our dining room table. At least I can take solace that once you move from one item to the other, you tend to stop going on the past item (except the couch..).

My favorite picture from today - look how fluffy you got!..

..and then you became all sleek again, posing.

You are full of life.
And, as always, when you come close to pushing things too far, a lot of the times you switch around, become all cuddly as if to get forgiven - something that of course works (how could it not?)

One of your favorite activities, one thing you've indulged in the past month, has been to look out the windows and watch the neighbourhood pigeons. I'm sorry to say (welln not really) that where we will be moving to next month does not seem to be crowded with pigeons nor will your vantage point be as high. However, I am sure there will be a whole new world for you to observe and that should keep you entertained as well!

After a nice shower, you looked out the window while chewing some wood - all favorite things for you!

One last thing before I end this post, exactly a year ago today, I was told about the first egg of your clutch, an egg that had just been laid - I was quite happy that day, albeit hesitant about whether to go through with getting my little Cape at that time or wait for a future clutch. Today, Léa, I am so very happy I didn't wait - for although you can be "work" at times, you are well worth it.

Happy 11 months Léa!

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Fernand said...

I could'nt be more happy that Léa is with you today! It is always good you for a breeder when he knows that their babies are in good homes. Wish the best for both of you! And the rest of tho flock of course (The Boy included).