Sunday, April 22, 2012

Someone had some fun with the curtains

This is not something I would normally endorse, but we'll be moving soon so the curtains will be obsolete (they are too big for the new house which comes with window treatment anyways) and the light was very nice so I couldn't resist taking a few pictures..


Fernand said...

Story that comes to my mind:
Picture one: Damned, she saw me...

Picture two: She doesn't seem too angry

Picture three and four: Yeah! I can climb!!!

Picture four: The smile of a spoiled bird :)))

Maya said...

The curtains are a big no-no for Rappy as well. What kind of window treatments will you be having at the house? Rob plans on vertical blinds (and I can't talk him out of it) - which really bummed me out because of the Wingdows!! I'm going to have to leave the suction cups on the windows and put on/take off the Wingdow every day. :P

Lauren said...

She seems to have fun !

Natacha said...

Fernand: That is pretty funny and does look somewhat accurate!

Maya: Regular windows have horizontal blinds, the patio door has vertical ones. Not necessarily my first choice, but they seem to be good quality ones and will have to do until I have some extra money to spend on curtains.

Lauren: She definitively had fun!