Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Things for Wings Goodies!

It's been a while since I posted about a bird toy order, or a bird related item of any kind, given it's been a while since I last made one. Truthfully, the main reason for it was that I was trying to spend a little less, considering how many toys I realized I had in boxes, not yet touched, and figured it be wise to go through the stack before adding to it. Recently, another reason was added on top of it - we bought a house and will be moving in May (so long false fire alarms in the middle of the night!) Therefore, I really didn't want to add to the already large pile of things I will be moving.

However, when Danita announced a sale before Easter, featuring some adorable toys from her new Carrot Patch collection, I couldn't resist. I figured I'd give these toys to the birds right away and they would most likely end up destroyed before the move.

So what did I order?

For Piper, the "Bunny Dingle"

For my small Poi girls, some pink and yellow "Hippety Hoppety"

For the Poi boys, some green and blue "Hippety Hoppety"

I guess it's really obvious that I loved the Hippety Hoppety toy - but it is a toy that I'm sure will please all the small Pois with the easy to destroy balsa and yucca as well as nice shreddable baskets.

For Léa, I ordered a custom toy - something I had been contemplating for months but resisted. This order was the perfect excuse to go through with it though, so I asked for a toy mostly loaded with harder wood pieces given Léa's recent healthy appetite for harder woods. While I wanted to keep the toy mostly natural, I did ask to add some pieces in green and orange/coral (to match Léa obviously) to brighten the toy up.

This is what Danita came up with.

I love it. It's beautiful and large and I'm sure Léa will throroughly enjoy it.

In fact, I was "brave" and took the pictures of the toys while she was out earlier this afternoon (which is asking for trouble..). And minutes after she first saw the toy she was all up in it (and it's already missing a few pieces..)

Notice how spot on Danita was with the orange/coral colour! It's incredible how close it is to Léa's forehead colour!

Another thing this order allowed me to get was a perch I had actually purchased a while ago but had kept on hold until I had more stuff to ship over. It's a grapevine perch for Léa and it's much wider than I thought it would be. It's beautiful, curvy and interesting.

Finally, there was one last item in the box. A gift from my friend Kacy. It's a lovely toy made of balsa, pine squares and heart pieces which I think are made of a harder wood. It's for everyone to share so I'll probably wait until we are in our new home to hang it up.

Thanks Kacy!

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Maya said...

I really love the Hippety Hoppety! It is one of my favorite T4W Easter toys, but I restrained myself from getting it because I have a TON of balsa toys Rappy still hasn't even seen yet...

I am GREEN. ;)