Tuesday, April 24, 2012

115:365 - The Millennium Falcon (or Day 9 of Zuri and his collar)

The title was the Boy's idea, when he stated what Zuri's *new and hopefully improved* collar looked like to him.

It looks splotchy - and that is because it is.

When I wrote my daily update about Zuri yesterday, I had mentioned how he had managed to get to his foot, regardless of the vet's effort to prevent this, resulting in the Boy and I making a larger plastic collar for him.

Guess what...it turned out it wasn't big enough. He is definitively very stubborn and yet again figured out a way to get to his foot. When I saw him have a successful attempt at this earlier this morning, I really felt like throwing the towel and having him have his way, at least the thought of it crossed my mind for a second. But obviously I couldn't let that happen, so we added some layers of bandages to his foot and decided to add a small piece of plastic to the end of the collar, towards where his foot is located. I then secured the collar (to avoid him turning it) in three different places close to his neck, using the turtleneck collar to stick the piece of tape connecting the collar to him.

Well, at least I thought I had secured it.

When the Boy came over lunch to check up on him, Zuri had somehow managed to turn the collar and there was chew marks on his extended bandage that he had gotten to it (not to mention the presence of the bandage tape on his beak..). So the Boy added an extra piece of plastic, resulting in the collar nearly touching the ground at the bottom half. And, so far, it's proven to be successful. A very frustrated Zuri, no doubt by being foiled (at least temporarily) has been chewing away on paper like crazy.

I really can't wait for him to have healed and everything to be back to normal.

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Anonymous said...

LOL.. the millennium falcon thing made me laugh. Oh Zuri.. you're such a trickster!