Sunday, September 2, 2012

Léa had a shower yesterday

I'll be honest, since we've moved I haven't really been giving showers to the birds, since I hadn't figured out where to do so (thinking of having a simple standing PVC put together so I can have it in the extra bath tub and use it exclusively for the birds). I don't think the birds minded much, as I think some of them prefer taking baths in the water bowls (and they didn't stop doing this because of the move). We had also continued to offer shallow dishes filled with water to Piper (this is his preferred bathing method) but the mess he makes that way is somewhat more contained than when I spray everyone with the misting bottle. So, essentially, given that it was quite humid this summer and that they were still getting in water somehow, I don't think skipping showers was all that bad - after all, I tend to give them more showers in the winter when it gets really dry in the house anyways.

Yesterday, I put together the large Wingdow (so far we only had the medium up and running) since Léa can easily climb on top of the medium and get into trouble that way. Léa was also trying to take a bath in my water glass, which, really isn't effective (and just plain messy). So, I figured I could take a shower while she was on the Wingdow! That should contain the mess somewhat? It actually worked - if I do it again, I'll put some paper towel underneath it right away so that when the water eventually trickles down the extra holes in the bottom (we didn't have a mess on our hands this time - the Boy just wiped when it was necessary but it would be better not to have to think of that).

A few spritzes later and we had a very wet Léa - it never takes much to get her that way, she, unlike the others, REALLY LOVES her showers!

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