Saturday, September 1, 2012

Some CBT custom toys

A week or so ago I had asked Crystal from Crystal's Bird Toys to make a custom toy for Léa. I had asked that it have wood that "snaps" easily and that it be made with natural material and have no dye. I believe I had asked that it cost around $20.

Crystal came up with a design that I'm sure will please Léa - lots of "snappable" wood, including slices of spruce and pine that has been cut on the thin side (because although Léa can destroy thicker pieces of wood, she does prefer them not to be overly chunky).

She named it "Make it Snappy".

However, she came under the $20 budget - obviously not a bad thing. But having prepared myself to part with this money, I asked if she could make another custom toy following the same general guidelines, and maybe including a few natural branches.

Thus, "Snappy Stars" was born.

While "Make is Snappy" will go to Léa, I'll be hanging "Snappy Stars" in a common area. I'm pretty sure it'll please most of the small Pois and if I'm proven right, well I'll just have to order more!

Finally, to round up the order and because I have been busy of late (and somewhat lazy) and haven't made any foot toys myself, I added a medium Foot Toy Hoot bag. It was filled with what are now favorites of the flock!

It includes Glow Sticks, Elm Torches, Knotty Hands, Polar Rumps, and a Knotty Feet with will be shared by Joey and Léa, my two leather fiends. How can they share? Well neither will destroy it in one go and I intend to keep it on the computer desk and both will have turns playing with it as they don't come out together. (Incidentally, any other bird could play with it as well, but I doubt that will be the case..)

Crystal was also nice enough to include a bag of broken pieces of wood that are still big enough to be played with - she might have referred to them as less glamorous (or something of the like), but there is no such thing as a non-fancy foot toy here - they'll chew up anything, the only thing they'll consider is thickness and from what I've seen, those random pieces of wood are pretty thin, which they'll all enjoy.

Thanks Crystal!

It might be worth to note that Crystal is currently holding some auctions on CBT's Facebook page. I would suggest that you like her page and participate if there is anything that is of interest to you and your birds. Auctions are being held one at a time and are of different "themes", so it's worth checking out often to see if there is something that your birds will like!


Margaret said...

So you are the one, who kinda started "snappy" line in CBT:)
I bet the toys will make your fids happy!

Natacha said...

It seems like I am!
I definitively will be ordering more!