Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ponytail = no good

I believe that I have been keeping my hair fairly short even before I got Piper. I recently decided to let it grow out (until I can't stand it anymore and get it cut again). It's now at a length where I can tie it up in a ponytail, which I do on hot days (like today). But, somehow, I've always had it down when it was time for the birds to come out.

Today was an exception - I kept my hair up, that is until Piper made it quite clear that it was a bad thing. While he wanted to be on me, he was conflicted with the hair being up and kept flying right next to Zuri. Not going anywhere free of a bird, no, he targeted wherever Zuri was. Since this was a bad thing, I took the ponytail out and Piper flew back to my shoulder in a matter of seconds.

I have heard stories of people having issues with their birds when they've died their hair, had different coloured nails or even if wearing glasses when they normally didn't. I don't think I quite heard anything involving hair being up or down, although I'm sure Piper isn't the only one feeling the way he does about it.

In any case, I know not to have my hair up around him, lest I want him to put himself in a dangerous situation..

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