Saturday, December 12, 2009

From 5 to 7 - Day 1

For the next couple of weeks I will have 7 birds. My parents will be gone for the Holidays and I will be looking after their Senegal Nemo(who happens to be Shade's brother) and their Meyer's Itsy.

They dropped them off earlier this evening. I let everyone out together and it went reasonably well. Somewhat of a surprise was how jealous Zuri was given she is the least affectionate (she would much rather play with toys all day) of my birds. I guess she had to try to show she was dominant bird with Itsy. They were supervised so no fights happened but I'm not sure it would have been the case if I wasn't keeping a close watch.

After a while though she went back to "normal" going on gyms and playing with toys. It will be interesting to see how she'll behave in the next few days.

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