Sunday, December 27, 2009

From 5 to 7 - Days 14, 15 & 16

Not much that happened lately worth talking about, but I did promise myself that I would continue this until my parents' birds head back home.

Shade has definitively stopped wanting to go at Nemo, or at least hasn't shown any aggression towards him in the last week or so. However, Nemo seems to now want to get at Shade if I let him. Apparently, I can't have both Senegals on their best behavior. I am tempted to say it's because they are siblings (because of typical sibling rivalry) but it most likely has nothing to do with this (will not "humanize" this type of behavior).

Nemo has also started to be particularly clingy with me. In the beginning, he could handle being on my boyfriend as well, but lately, it's me or nothing. And when it's "nothing", he tries to find his way to me. And like I mentioned earlier, he is not too keen to share me with Shade or Itsy.

I also made some greens today, aka the mix of fresh food. I didn't have any for a little less than a week, I just gave them fresh foods that I prepared on the go as well as some sprouts. I also started a new batch of sprouts yesterday and finished the old one (aka 3 days old) today.

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