Sunday, December 20, 2009

From 5 to 7 - Day 8: The Move

Yesterday was moving day.

All we did was go down a couple of floors in our current building, going from a one bedroom to a two bedroom apartment. What a difference it makes.

We got the service elevator at 1pm. The first thing I wanted to move was the birds, so that they didn't have to witness everything coming out of the old apartment as I'm sure a couple of them would have freaked out at the sight of moving big furniture. So in their carriers they went for the ride down. I then put the carriers in my new bedroom (which was still pretty depleted other than the dresser drawers we had brought down the previous night. We then proceeded to move the cages from the old living room to the new birdroom (aka extra bedroom). Once every cage was in there (couldn't fit them all at once in the elevator unfortunately), the birds went in their cages and I could then just close the door and render them oblivious to the rest of the moving. It went pretty well; they did do some flock calling at one point (and would stop when I would go in to get something or bring something) and once all the big pieces were settled, I brought them out in the living room on one of the many perches (Java wood perches are somewhat fashionable, right?) and they behaved.

It might have been only half a day, but I love the birdroom. They can now have all the uninterrupted sleep they can have at night, since the TV's light and sound won't be much of a bother and we can actually turn a light on if needed (tried to avoid that at all cost when we were sharing a living room). I still have to decorate the birdroom as I did my living room with hanging gyms, but that will wait a little big (aka until I have a stronger drill that will go through concrete or until my dad comes back (since he already owns such a drill). I\ll probably post pictures of the room once I have stuff up and hanging.

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