Sunday, December 13, 2009

From 5 to 7 - Day 2

This morning went well. Birds behaved, each did their own thing.

Then it started to snow.
I don't know if this has truly anything to do with their mood change. However, in the past, they have been known to act a tad more crazy and be a little overly zealous when snow storms or abundant rain would hit us for a day or two or more, so maybe it is the current weather that is affecting them this way...

Shade was trying to go after her brother, which ended with either my boyfriend or myself intervening before anything happened and putting Shade away for a few minutes and Zuri doing the same with Itsy and also ending up in her cage for a few minutes to calm down. They've been put aside a few times today. Itsy also wanted to have a go at Shade and it was her turn to end up in her cage for a few minutes.

Can't entirely blame jealousy, as I've made sure to spend times with my own birds before giving any attention to the two newcomers, so that they know the "pecking order". And why is it that both Zuri and Shade are only going after one of the new birds, and always the same one, baffles me a bit.

Piper's reaction to the snow? Being much more vocal than her usual self.

I'm happy that Joey is happy doing his own thing, so is Nemo when Shade isn't trying to get too close. Petey couldn't care less about the other birds as long as she has my boyfriend to herself most of the time.

Hopefully they'll calm back down before the day is over.

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