Monday, December 14, 2009

From 5 to 7 - Day 3

Zuri has been better today. She hasn't really tried chasing Itsy this morning nor did she try much when I first let her out for an hour or so after coming home from work. However, after dinner she was a bit relentless about it.

Shade has been chasing Nemo a bit more, ending up in her cage a fair bit. I'm afraid I will have to start doing separate time outs, having Zuri and Shade out alternatively with Nemo and Itsy. I might still try to have them out together, specially in the morning where my time is rather limited, but will most likely separate them in the evening for this week. I'd rather avoid having to clip Shade and Zuri, although I must admit the thought has crossed my mind. But I'll definitively will wait until I move and have them out in different rooms (myself in a room with some and Bram in another with the others) and see how that goes before I make any final decision. I'm seriously looking forward to next Saturday, day of the move.

At least Petey, Joey and Piper are doing fine and not really caring for the others.

I still find it interesting that Shade, who is normally nice with any bird, has such an aversion to her own sibling...and they did use to get along well, when I was still at my parents. I'm not entirely surprised by Zuri, since she has a tendency to be a bit of a bully at times. However, the fact that she lets Nemo totally alone and only goes after the other Meyer's...she might not like the same species competition, specially from a Meyer's who came in here after her. She normally leaves Petey alone.

I should start a countdown to Saturday....4 days left...

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