Thursday, December 17, 2009

From 5 to 7 - Day 5

Already starting to forget writing something at the end of the day.

Yesterday they were reasonably good once again. The morning time out of cage went pretty much without a glitch, and this without any food bribery. The first hour and a half out of the cage in the evening went fine as well. However, in the second part, after dinner, Shade tried twice to get to Nemo and Zuri kept flying around to get to Itsy without ever really coming close as Itsy was on a tree perch next to me and I was probably too close for her to try anything. Itsy actually tried to have a go at Shade. I know at my parents, she had been bullied a bit by Nemo and had started standing up for herself. Given that Shade didn't ever really do anything to her, I'm assuming Itsy is seeing a bit of her brother in Shade or maybe thinking all Senegals are the same, I don't know..But still, things are going better so maybe by the end of the week, everyone will just let everyone be.

Two days left before the move..

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