Thursday, December 24, 2009

From 5 to 7 - Day 13

Today, my usual pretty independent Zuri decided she wanted some one on one time. I normally don't force her to spend time with me if she doesn't want to and she's normally quite happy playing with toys. I don't know if the fact that basically every other bird (but for Petey) has had one on one time with me of late, she wanted her share too. This was mostly during the morning; she preened my wet hair, starting on top of my head and then eventually went down to my shoulder. She then snuggled a bit and I started scratching her head which she seems to have enjoyed. She also happily just sat there for a while, the longest she's ever done since I first got her.

Hopefully, she continues looking for attention. I'm always willing to provide it, but I rather it be on her terms. I really don't want to force her into anything.

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