Sunday, December 20, 2009

From 5 to 7 - Day 9

So how did today go?

Not too bad.

They seem to have adjusted fairly well to the move, albeit a bit more vocal at times. I'm assuming this is because they don't see us as often as before. I don't reinforce the "extra chattiness" (it's not full blown out screaming after all) by going to see them and eventually I assume it will subside. They come out of their cages as often as before, they just don't see us hanging around as much, specially on the week-end.
I remember when my mom first got some of her cockatoos and they had to adjust to her schedule, they would scream for her but eventually understood that they would be coming back out and won't utter a peep until then..mind you, if she's late for whatever reason, they know and they start getting vocal.

In any case, they can chat away here as much as they want; the room has no common wall with any neighboring apartments (it's surrounded by our living room, our bedroom and a hallway which has the bathrooms (yes plural) on the other side). When we go in the hallway we don't even hear them (which wasn't always the case with the other apartment).

Oh...and I can now have Shade and Nemo close to one other without Shade flipping out and wanting to attack Nemo. Yeah progress! Unfortunately, I can't say the same with Zuri going after Itsy and Itsy going after the Senegals. However, frequency of dive bombing the others has decreased.

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