Saturday, December 12, 2009

Examples of fresh foods I give my birds

I actually can't figure out why it took me this long to write an entry on the subject.

I usually chop a number of fresh food items and put them in a bowl to last me a few days. This saves me time each evening, and frankly, there are some evenings where I just rather do nothing. I usually put either an orange or a lemon in the mix so that the citrus juice helps keep the food fresher longer.

Here are some examples of what I do:

Batch #1

It contained in no particular order:
-Collard Greens
-Swiss Chard
-Pomegranate seeds
-An orange
-Yellow Bell Pepper
-Corn (freshly cut off the cob)
-(Orange) Cauliflower
-Sweet Potatoes
-Snow Peas

Batch #2

It contained in no particular order

-1 big carrot
-(1) Orange pepper and (half) a red pepper
-Some sweet potato
-Some red cabbage
-A couple leafs of Red chard
-A couple leafs of Kale
-An orange
-Pomegranate seeds from one Pomegranate

I also often add sprouted grains on top of the greens when I feed them to my birds.

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Tracy said...

I love your birdie salad. Looks good.