Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bath Day

It seems the birds have deemed it to be bath day today.

I went to the birdroom to check up on them and was met with quite the sight. Seems everyone but Zuri (limited in what he does because of his collar) and Joey have decided to take a bath in their water bowls..

Shade was wet all over her front side, up to her head.
Léa had obviously dunked her head in her bowl and it was drenched but otherwise was dry - guess the bowl is just too small for her body.
Piper had a very wet tail, somewhat wet underside and wet head - a shame because I think the top of his wings would need it more than anything else.
Petey was wet all over - and this is the only way to get him wet. A shower will do nothing for him since he just totally shuts down and seem to repel water. He needs to want to get wet to do so it seems..
Finally, Pixel had a very wet belly - it was rather funny to see that totally dripping and the rest of her dry as a bone.

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