Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 16 of Zuri and his collar

I guess an update is in order since it's been a few days since the last one.

Zuri went back to the vet yesterday morning for yet another change in bandage. He also needed to have the turtleneck collar redone since he had chewed through most of it and the Boy had removed what was left. 

The vet said that the toe was healing nicely and, if all goes well, next time he goes to see her next week he should be able to have his bandage (and collar) removed. I can't say how much I'm crossing my fingers this will happen.

We've also tried moving him back to the Kings Cage travel cage today. The Boy worked from home in the afternoon to keep an eye on him and he did fairly well, just like he did in the early evening. However, while we had the other little ones out later on, he had managed to figure out how to flip his collar and was chewing on the decoy the vet had added to his bandage. Now whether or not this will means he goes back to the smaller cage tomorrow when we will be at work is still up in the air; after all, earlier this morning he managed to flip himself on his back in an attempt to get to his feet by using the top bars of the smaller cage...

He's definitively quite alert and mobile. And today, maybe because of the change of cage, he's put on a few grams. So I have some thinking ahead of me about what we will do with him tomorrow..

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