Monday, May 21, 2012

Outside in the sun

We wanted to finish up our raised boxes for the vegetables I plan to grow over the summer this morning so Léa got to come outside in her travel cage when it was her time to come out of her cage, while we took advantage of the fleeting shade on that side of the property to get what we wanted done.

She was fairly quiet, only did her phone noise a few times and that was about it. She seemed to observe her surrounding (was a bit concerned when a giant crow landed on the neighbour's roof, which I kept an eye on until it left) and even felt comfortable to play with a wooden toy that was in the cage at one point.

The plan was to get things ready to be able to bring the little ones out in the evening when it cooled down a bit out there (our backyard has a southern exposition - it gets hot!), however, clouds are coming in rather quickly and there are some drops of rain at the moment. It'll be for another day.

It's so nice to be able to do this now. I was reluctant to bring the birds out in small cages on the balcony at the apartment as there were a number of pigeons around (including two who seemed to want to call our balcony home) and with their feces around..I didn't want to take a chance with any disease transmission. Next year we do plan on having a proper deck installed in the back and I'd like to have it enclosed to act as an aviary and won't have to bother with bringing the birds out in cages at all.

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Maya said...

Aw, I bet Lea loved being outside! While there are a lot of cons to living in Hawaii, the weather is definitely a huge pro - especially for the parrots! ;)