Thursday, May 17, 2012

An update

Hopefully after this week I'll be able to post more regularly.

We are still busy with the move - the unpacking has started but there are still some boxes to be tackled. As well, something I'll put on the priority list is getting the birdroom furnished a bit. As it is now, other than the cages and one play stand, it's a bit bare. But I have to figure out what layout I want to give the room before I get anything hung from the ceiling. It's big enough that I *think* I'll be able to fit a comfortable chair in there..

The birds are slowly adjusting to the new place. Piper, Zuri, Shade and Léa have had a chance to go to the lower two floors and things have gone reasonably well. In fact, Léa is getting quite comfortable in the basement (where the tv is) and has started today to explore it. In the past few days she was generally content with being on me in cuddling - I fear that is over and that energetic Léa will make a comeback.

As for Zuri, he's still in his collar but as of yesterday, he no longer has a bandage on his foot and we have started hydrotherapy on him. He's not a fan, although doesn't struggle too much so things are going fairly well there too. He's due back to the vet next Tuesday.

Finally, I'll get back to posting 365 pictures soon - I have taken pictures but haven't had a chance to process them yet.


Maya said...

Such an exciting time for you!! Besides the green bird room and orange guest room (aka my room), is the master or any other room painted in color?

Rob finally gave in to the accent walls for the three bedrooms. Hehe. Gray for the master, saffron orange for my/birds room, and blue for grandma's room. We'll be going to the house today to finalize what shade of gray and blue to use. February can't come soon enough!

Natacha said...

It's a dark purple that can be mistaken for a dark grey depending on the light. It's called cinnamon slate :)