Monday, May 28, 2012

Up Next - Orange Room Week

Yes, one room in my house is orange - and not a light orange, it's BOLD.

No, I wouldn't have had the guts to chose such a colour had I done the painting. But I did not feel the need to paint over it before the move, because it's a fun colour. The room is quite light so it can handle the dose of bright colour and against the white trim in the room, I find it looks rather nice.

All other wall colours in my home are muted in comparison, and that is quite ok. I'm not sure I would have liked it painted entirely in orange...

So after the cool, refreshing green of the birdroom, the birds will have their picture taken in the orange room this week for the 365 project, hence "Orange Room Week". I actually already took two pictures and it will be a challenge as it affects my camera's white balance. Thankfully I shoot in RAW so I can easily play with the white balance to bring it to more realistic temperatures.

As for the purpose of this orange room, it initially was going to act as office/guest room (with a futon or something of the likes). This morning I brought most of the littles in here with me (as there are java stands in the room for the time being) so it might just loose the designation of guest room and have a permanent bird play area.

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