Sunday, May 20, 2012

Housewarming gifts

This is a long overdue post but in the midst of the moving activities, taking pictures of the birds was hard enough, taking pictures of other things fell low on the list of priorities.

But I fixed that today.

Back when I was in St-Charles/Chicago for TASC, I received a shipping notice that I was going to receive a package from Things for Wings which was news to me as I didn't order anything..I contacted Danita and was told it was a housewarming gift, from a secret person as well as herself and I wasn't to open it before I moved. I received my package the week prior to the move.

Then came time to open it and I got some nice Things for Wings toys!

It turns out the secret person was Merlie, a friend from the Avian Avenue forum who I got to meet in person at TASC.

The gifts from Merlie -

Carrot shred and chew

Carrot stew

Some May flowers foot toys

Finally, Danita's contribution, a willow snuggly.

Thank you ladies for all the wonderful toys!

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