Sunday, May 27, 2012

The birds enjoying Avian Organics goodies!

Avian Organics is currently holding a picture contest - birds enjoying Avian Organics treats. Winners will receive free shipping on their next order. Details were available in Avian Organics' Newsletter (I suggest people subscribe to it to also get insider special on Avian Organics products), on their Facebook page as well as on the Avian Avenue forum. Essentially, participants are allowed to send two pictures each before May 30th (or until the secret number of submissions has been reached) to be eligible.

So of course I staged a photo shoot with some AO goodies with a few of my guys - Shade, Pixel and Joey. Zuri with the collar is unable to hold food to his beak making the whole thing rather awkward (but without the collar he would have been included!), Piper generally goes for crumbs the other leave behind rather than a complete item and Petey is just a picky eater. Since I don't have Léa out with the others and that I had more pictures than I knew what to do with them from the first photo shoot, I didn't think it was necessary to start over with her.

In the end, I did submit one picture from that shoot and one older picture that I really liked depicting one of the birds eating AO product. These I might share later on, but for the time being, here are some of the pictures that didn't make the cut although I do like them quite a bit as well - it was hard picking one picture from all of them!

Starting with some Mango Ginger Minis..

..we then moved onto Truffles...

You can see a blurry Pixel in the back with her own Truffle

Always meticulous Shade - taking small piece by small piece, not wasting anything.

*Total Truffle annihilation!*

..and finished with some very coveted Veggie Bars!

At one point, I had the set-up that would have been the *perfect* product shot - as Shade was finishing her Truffle, I handed her a piece of Veggie Bar, which meant she was holding the Truffle with one foot and had the Veggie Bar in her beak. She remained that way for a few seconds, unfortunately by the time I got proper focus with my camera, she let go of the Truffle.

All three items were gobbled up by the birds (Shade eventually finished the Truffle she let go of). AO items are really loved by most of my flock - Petey being more of a fan of the soft mashes.

Talking about soft mashes, here is an older video of their messy beaks after having eaten some AO Andean Ambrosia mash (please excuse my voice..)!

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Maya said...

I wish my boys would eat the AO Truffles and treats! :(