Saturday, May 12, 2012

133:365 - Zuri

I figured I would take this opportunity to give an update on my little injured one.

Other than the fact that he still has his collar and bandage on, I'd say this week he came back in full Zuri form. There is no longer any lingering worry about him in my mind - he seems to be in tip top shape.

While in the beginning he was all about being cuddled, now he wants nothing to do with that most of the time. It's all about exploring and getting into trouble. He gets frustrated given he's not very successful at climbing anything with that collar, but he doesn't stop trying. This week he also brought back what I call the Meyer's screech as both him and Petey do it here, no one else. He also brought a piece of dried fruit from his food bowl all the way accross his cage to his water bowl to make some soup; quite a feat if you take into consideration that his mobility is hindered by the collar. Luckily, we haven't seen him get to his foot this time around and he's left the turtleneck collar mostly alone so nothing is getting lose.

On moving day he'll be in the same room as the others so I'll get to see how that we'll go and hopefully he won't get excited to the point of getting in trouble (although I'll be around to help him out of it if he does).

Things are progressing well with him!

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