Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving Day!

We move to the house today!

The birds, cat and I are actually already there (here?) while the Boy is back at the apartment waiting for the movers. We brought the cat over last night and got up (very) bright and early to bring the birds over this morning.

We had set-up temporary cages in the second spare bedroom (aka the "orange" room), as we weren't going to have the movers put anything in there, while we wait for them to bring the birds' actual cages (which will go in the first spare bedroom, aka the "green" room).

I had set things up so that Shade and Zuri could be neighbours and they have been looking at each other happily since. Pixel and Léa, who happen to be next to each other (and on the same side of the room as Shade & Zuri) wasted no time into starting to destroy toys in their respective cages. On the other hand, Piper, Joey and Petey, who are located along the opposite wall from the others, don't seem too keen about this change and Piper & Petey are making some noise to voice their discontent. Given there is absolutely no furniture, or anything else for that matter but their cages, there is quite an echo linked to their calls...but I'm sure once we'll fill out the place, it won't be as bad. And I'm sure once they'll be in their proper cages with familiar toys, hanging gyms and play stands, they'll be happier about this whole thing.

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