Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Calm Léa

I have other pictures of Zuri and Léa in the orange room, but figured I'd tone things done a bit on the blog with some pictures taken in my living room downstairs (which has a nice neutral colour on the walls).

I have heard from a few owners of Capes who are older than Léa that they were a bit crazy as young ones but suddenly, when they turned 1, they calmed down a bit. I was somewhat skeptical about this sudden change in attitude, specially given how Léa was particularly "active". However..it seems like she has become calmer since turning one.

Now, whether this is really due to age or if it has something to do with the move (which coincidentally happened on her first hatchday), I can't know for sure although I'm highly leaning on the second option. It's quite likely that being in a new environment and not knowing all the flight paths yet and being moved from room to room every time she comes out of her cage has made her more cautious. In any case, I'm enjoying this new Léa which has all that I loved about her before, but easier to keep up with.

Finally, the aforementioned pictures - she looks particularly tuckered out on these as they were taken just before bed time and I do think she ended up taking a prolonged nap on the tree..

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