Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post 1000!

I guess it's one big milestone!

I figured I was getting close to it, so I decided to add all the posts up and came up to 999..

This was always first and foremost intended as a diary for myself about my life with these guys. Obviously photography plays a big part in most of the posts, since I really enjoy taking pictures of the birds (well taking pictures in general). As the blog grew, I seem to have got some followers - thank you to everyone who reads the blog!

I started the blog with the flock of 4 (Piper, Shade, Joey & Petey) and Zuri, Pixel & Léa joined along the way. There has also been a change of name - I started with "It's a Poi's world", being somewhat un-original (or un-inspired that day) but after reading "Just Poifect" a few times on one of the parrot forums I frequent, it just seemed like a better name.

The blog will be 4 years old in November and I hope that I'll be able to continue posting with the same gusto looking forward, although that might vary from month to month. The 365 project this year and the 1 post a day project last year have definitively given me a drive to do so - I might just have to come up with something similar next year!

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suchjosh said...

Love keeping up with the Poi's! Keep it up!