Friday, June 8, 2012

159:365 - Still has his collar..

The healing is still progressing - the scab is shrinking (probably due to some of it falling off every other day).

If I'm perfectly honest, I'm ready to be done with this. I am very ready for him to go back on the "regular" cycle, coming out with the other smaller guys. Having to take him out on his own is starting to take it's toll, as there are just so many hours in a day, and we'll be pushing him being in this state for two months now in less than 10 days...

However, this doesn't mean I'll rush him out of his collar once the scab is totally off. He'll be at least a week in his collar after the last piece falls off. I say at least as I will not take the collar off unless it's a week-end - I want to be there to see what he does, if he tries to get to his toe or if he leaves it alone.

And while I'm sure he's liking all the individual attention, I'm sure he'll be happy about being able to hang out with Shade again and I'm sure she'll be happy once he's out of that weird looking contraption..

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