Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two years ago..

..Pixel joined the flock!

It was actually two years yesterday, day for day, but bad me forgot to post about it then.

Already two years, and yet I remember like yesterday when the Boy came and got me at work with her in a carrier in the backseat and we went straight to the vet. I still remember how bright orange her poop was and how I was concerned before I realized her diet at that point consisted of the brightly coloured Zupreem fruity pellet.

I remember how cautious she was those first few days, slowly daring to come out of the cage but keeping her distance and I remember the first time she felt confident enough to come to see me on her own.

Two years later and she's taken her place in the flock. She's also, second to Shade, now willing to eat just about anything (quite the progress from her initial picky ways). I also think that her feathers have improved since then and her eyes are getting a deeper shade of red than they were when she first came here.

Hopefully we'll have many more years together!

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