Monday, June 4, 2012

A recent CBT order and gift

I recently put in an order for a few things from Crystal Bird Toys. It wasn't a big order by any means, but I just felt like getting a toy for the birds and haven't done so in quite some time.

One of her new toys is named "Mario Blocks" and it's the toy I wanted so I got 6 of them. I like to be pretty even when I give toys out, giving identical toys as long as I know it's something they all like and I think this will do - it's thinly cut pine and even Petey has started to like chewing pine!

I'll even give one to Piper - he sometimes tries to chew up pine so we'll see if this will get his interest. Worst case, if he leave the wood alone, I know he'll go for the wicker and palm parts and once he's done with that, I can give the toy to another bird.

6 toys, 7 birds, I must have forgotten one, right?

Well no.

Sometime ago I had received a Lullaby swing as a gift for Léa from a member of the Avian Avenue forum. For a while, Léa had used it as a swing only and left the toy parts alone until the day she realized they were there for her entertainment and basically destroyed most of them off (leaving bigger pieces of branches and leather). I had asked Crystal if she could fill up the stainless steel base and she included it with this order as a Housewarming gift. Thanks Crystal!

I do love the colours she's chosen for the swing!

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