Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another "proud, gushy bird-mom" moment

This morning we decided to do things a bit differently and go out for breakfast before letting the birds out (but of course we fed them their breakfast before leaving). However, this meant that the birds were slightly more "ready" for their time out.

We decided to start with Zuri and Léa. While Zuri was showing rather impatient signs of wanting to get out of his cage, once out, he's quite calm, well at least while he's wearing that collar. Because of his calmer demeanour, he went downstairs with the Boy.

Léa, on the other hand, ended up coming out as a fury. Totally out of control - she definitively had some pent up energy to let out. She came with me in the orange room.

So why the proud moment?

Well, since she was so off the wall, I decided to let her fly it off a bit and then, when *slightly* calmer, I interacted with her, trying to match her still-crazy ways. She was hopping and making all kinds of noises so I responded in an equally up-beat way. At one point she was on my shoulder and I gave her a kiss on her beak - to which she responded "Thank you!". See, generally when I want to get a kiss from her or want to giver her one, I use either "kiss kiss" or "bisou" and then kiss her beak. I always say thank you after. This time, however, she beat me to "thank you"! The use of it in context made me quite proud!

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