Sunday, June 17, 2012

She snaps through them like butter..

Yesterday on Facebook I did a rare status update. And like all recent updates, it had to do with the birds.

It went like this - "Léa is snapping through Java wood like it's butter..."

I finally gave her the opportunity to start playing with the toy her breeder sent her for her hatchday in May. It's made of willow balls and slices of Java wood. I figured she would go crazy for the wood part and the other birds would take care of the willow balls. So for this to happen, I hung the toy next to the atom in the orange room.

Turns out, I was quite right about Léa and the Java wood slices - she destroyed a large number of them yesterday, snapping them in half with no sign of extraneous effort. That beak is one powerful thing! I think the only ones that can snap Java wood like that at my mom's house are the Cockatoos and even there, it's just the one Cockatoo who really does anything with them. The Greys seem to find it too hard.

Anyways, back to Léa and her toy. Obviously I took pictures and of course I'll share them!

Tackling a piece that looks a bit too big but she managed to chip it in places!

Trying out the strands of extra rope

This one makes me laugh - the tongue!

More rope testing - trying to separate the strands!

My favorite picture - it just looks like an awkward position!

Got it just right!


Fernand said...

I am really happy to see that she enjoy it! Il a few days it will just be a souvenir :)

Natacha said...

Thanks again Fernand!