Monday, June 11, 2012

Parrot Club pictures

Last night was this month's Parrot Club meeting.
The Boy and I brought our cameras and took a few pictures of course.

These are the ones I took with my camera (I did end up using the Boy's camera for convenience at first..).

Indian Ringneck


Barraband Parakeet who really wanted his food!

The most adorable Parrotlets!

Bronze-wing Pionus (I actually met this guy as a small unfeathered chick - and he screamed like a dinosaur!)

Dusky Pionus


I believe this is a Hispaniolan Amazon

Blue crown conure

These were taken either by the Boy or myself with his camera.

Darwin the Timneh

He did belching noises for a while - it was rather cute though!

More conures

Finally, Crystal was there with a few toys for sale.


Fernand said...

Is this the Ottawa club? Very nice pictures, as usual :). I just love the pionus ones!!!

Natacha said...

Yes it is :)