Saturday, June 16, 2012

Poor Ruby Blue

Lately, Léa's appetite for wood has grown. She's been snapping away at her wooden toys quite profusely, to the point where I've "upgraded" some of those toys to some with thicker and harder pieces.

I figured she was finally ready for her Ruby Blue toy from Oliver's Garden.

Now I did put Ruby Blue in an area of her cage which is a bit more difficult of reach, unable to put one of Susan's beautiful creation in the direct line of fire - I guess in a sad attempt to keep it intact (for my benefit) as long as possible.

But apparently there is no hiding from Léa's beak.

Granted the destruction is not yet so terrible - but again, she doesn't really have any direct access where she can just stand next to the toy and reach for something to chew on.

It's not too obvious on the picture, but on top of those dangling wooden pieces, Ruby's eyes have also started to bear sure signs of beak marks, even missing a chunk here and there.

I guess witnessing the shear power of destruction of that beak on those toys, I should think I did pretty well with Léa and her "biting" as she has the potential to do quite a bit of damage and is generally rather gentle with our fingers.

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