Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The *new* birdroom - Phase 1

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I started hanging things from the ceiling in the new birdroom. It's not finished at this point, but until I make up my mind about what exactly I want to do, it's at least providing places for the birds to hang out when they are in there, other than on the top of their cage or on the 1 standing play gym.

The side above Pixel's, Joey's and Petey's cages looks a bit more filled I'll admit, but it's temporary. In fact, I did try to put the Rosie bridge swing closer to the atom and window, going across the room, but the hooks were slightly too distant. Just hung above cages didn't work as it came too low above the cage - where it is now, it's off the series of cages. Funny thing, I didn't think I would miss the 9' ceilings of the apartment (we have 8' now on the second floor of the house) but I now have to admit they were rather practical when it came to hanging things that come down low.

I'll probably be adding some of that plastic chain along the side of the rooms, so that I can hang a few toys. But I'd like to keep the space in the middle as clear as possible, so I'm not sure I'll want to add more there than there already is, although I am pondering adding one of my larger nets hammock style.

Pictures -

Pixel's, Joey's and Petey's cage.

Piper's, Léa's, Shade's and Zuri's cages


Anonymous said...

I love it!! I really like the small Crawler!

Natacha said...

Thanks! I like it too quite a bit. It's fairly new to the birds, so they are still examining it before they dare get closer, but I hope they'll start enjoying it soon!