Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waiting on the eggs to hatch

The Cape eggs should start hatching any day now.

The first one could be later today, could be tomorrow, could be Friday. It all depends on when the hen started brooding. The breeder did say that she normally waits on the second egg to be laid, and this happened on April 16th (first egg was April 13th, the third April 19th or 20th). The incubation period is 28 days so if we consider that she started brooding on the 16th, that brings the hatching date to May 12th-13th. Given that the first egg hatches normally two days before the second, then May 11th-12th seems to be it.

And although they won't look anything like this for a little while, here's a picture the breeder sent me of a baby from a former clutch. I find it adorable and love the wee little tail!

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