Sunday, May 22, 2011

The hard balsa and some perches

A friend of mine on Avian Avenue (parrot related discussion forum) had purchased some balsa a while ago from Things for Wings. However, it turns out this batch of balsa was harder than what her flock was used to and they didn't care for it.

She kept talking about it and eventually I "joked" that she should send it my way for my little beavers and then discussion turned serious and I ended up purchasing the balsa off her hands.

This is only a small fraction of what I received - I believe I had three other small parcels with the same amount of wood that I haven't yet opened.

I didn't know what to expect about the actual hardness of the wood. While it is harder, or rather denser, than what I've seen before, it didn't seem like anything my guys couldn't handle and they've proven they can chip at the blocks. I am. however, considering bringing them somewhere (since I don't own a saw) where I could cut them in smaller chunks which would make it easier for them to handle - the shape is rather awkward in their feet.

While we had the discussion of purchasing the balsa, my friend also asked if I would be interested in some ribbonwood perches she had ordered custom made by Exotic Wood Dreams but these ended up not being a perfect fit for her flock (she has an extensive collection of ribbonwood perches of all shapes and sizes to start with..). She sent a picture and I agreed to take them. They look really nice and two of them, the narrower ones, seem to be perfect for Shade for whom I use smaller diameter perches given she requires them for an old foot injury (from the baby days).

She also was very kind and sent me along some macaroons, her favorite kind, but they didn't last long enough to be featured in a picture...

By the way, my friend has a blog as well, you can see it here:

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Saemma said...

Yay!! Perfect title for this blog! Your photos make everything look divine!!