Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trying out TOPs

Just put some Totally Organic Pellets (or TOPs) I've purchased recently out on the play stands in the living room.

Shade went straight for them. Made a bit of a mess as in she would eat but waste a bit of it. She didn't want to hold the pellets and a bit fell. She's normally not picky though so her eating them wasn't really surprising.

Petey also tried and ate it. He's not very picky with pellets either though.

Pixel tried a few. Ate them. No big surprise there as she is pretty open to new food.

Piper looked at them but I'm afraid he might have found them too big. I'll try to put my hand on a package of the new crumplet size, but am not sure where to look. I'm sure the other birds would also benefit from the pellets being smaller.

The true test though, Zuri.

Zuri is a picky eater. But Zuri ate them, a few to boot, and actually HELD THEM IN HIS FOOT! So little wasted! Wow.

Joey didn't try any yet - too busy taking a nap.


I gave some to Joey and he ate them all. Held them and had minimal waste.
Zuri also came to me for more - he never does that for pellets so I am most definitively impressed.

Shade has started to hold them in her feet as well.

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